Getting started with the API

1. Read the documentation

We recommend that you read the API documentation in the Developer Center to familiarize yourself with the API conventions and functionality.

2. Register for the API

You can request access to the API by using the link below. An email will be sent to you that will provide instructions for obtaining your API key.


Your profile can be managed from within Currencycloud Direct, our ready-made cross-border application built using our APIs. Login using the credentials you supplied when registering for a key.

3. Use the Demo API

Familiarize yourself with our APIs by using the Demo API. This is connected to our test infrastructure; while it returns real data it executes trades in a "demo" market and does not execute real payments.

4. Open a live account at Currencycloud

Contact the sales team to discuss opening a live account. We suggest you talk to them at the beginning of your project so that they can advise you on the best routes to take to fully integrate with Currencycloud from a technical, compliance and contractual point of view. They will also take you through the onboarding process and run any tests that are required to get you up and running, this includes providing your API key for access to the production systems.

5. Start making transactions

When your onboarding is complete you are ready to use our system. We recommend that you use our integration guides for instructions on achieving common use cases.