Update a payment. On success, returns the updated payment entity.

The API responses shown below are static. If you want to try out the API please login, or register for an API key

API parameters

X-Auth-Token header string Authentication token.
id path string Payment UUID.
with_deleted query boolean Include deleted payments.
currency formData string Currency in which the payment is being made. Three-digit currency code.
beneficiary_id formData string Beneficiary UUID.
amount formData string Payment amount.
payment_date formData string Instructed date of payment. Any valid ISO 8601 format, eg. "2020-12-31".
reason formData string User-generated reason for payment. Freeform text.
payment_type formData string Currencycloud supports two types of payments: "priority", made using the SWIFT network; and "regular", made using the local bank network. priority
reference formData string User-generated reference code.
conversion_id formData string Conversion UUID.
payer_entity_type formData string Legal entity. company
payer_company_name formData string Required if "payer_entity_type" is "company".
payer_first_name formData string Required if "payer_entity_type" is "individual".
payer_last_name formData string Required if payer_entity_type is "individual".
payer_city formData string City.
payer_address formData string First line of address.
payer_postcode formData string Postal code.
payer_state_or_province formData string State or province.
payer_country formData string Two-letter country code.
payer_date_of_birth formData string If "payer_entity_type" is "company", company registration date. If "payer_entity_type" is "individual", date of birth. ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DD..
payer_identification_type formData string A legal document that verifies the identity of the payer. Required documentation will vary depending on the nationality or registered address of the payer. none
payer_identification_value formData string A unique reference code for the identification document, such as a passport number.
payer_details_source formData string Source for payer details: the "account" or "payer" record. account
ultimate_beneficiary_name formData string The name of the ultimate beneficiary if different.
purpose_code formData string Payment Purpose Code (Mandatory for all INR payments).
on_behalf_of formData string A contact UUID for the sub-acccount you're acting on behalf of.
charge_type formData string Payment Charges Setting value (only applicable to SWIFT payments). If empty - then account's default value is used. Do not specify for regular (local) payments. ours
fee_amount formData string Fee amount.
fee_currency formData string Currency Fee is paid in.
curl -X POST  --header "X-Auth-Token: XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX"  https://devapi.currencycloud.com/v2/payments/{id}


    "id": "dbec7699-6508-479e-b1cf-d4fbe4bed798",
    "amount": "10.00",
    "beneficiary_id": "5824f6a3-a5a7-4c3e-acf2-5b1ed2939811",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "reference": "This is a updated test reference.",
    "reason": "This is a updated test payment.",
    "status": "ready_to_send",
    "creator_contact_id": "a66ca63f-e668-47af-8bb9-74363240d781",
    "payment_type": "regular",
    "payment_date": "2022-01-31",
    "transferred_at": "",
    "authorisation_steps_required": "0",
    "last_updater_contact_id": "a66ca63f-e668-47af-8bb9-74363240d781",
    "short_reference": "220131-R2M0R4791",
    "conversion_id": null,
    "failure_reason": "",
    "payer_id": "79a8e858-4610-4ac7-a8a6-4bb4aa6a7b66",
    "payer_details_source": "account",
    "created_at": "2022-01-31T14:30:46+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2022-01-31T14:30:50+00:00",
    "payment_group_id": null,
    "unique_request_id": null,
    "failure_returned_amount": "0.00",
    "ultimate_beneficiary_name": null,
    "purpose_code": null,
    "charge_type": null,
    "fee_amount": null,
    "fee_currency": null
Error Codes
HTTP Status Code Description Params
400 currency_type_is_wrong XYZ is not a valid ISO 4217 currency code
invalid_currency You cannot make payments with this currency
id_is_not_valid_uuid id should be in UUID format
beneficiary_id_is_not_valid_uuid beneficiary_id should be in UUID format
invalid_beneficiary_id Unknown beneficiary_id
invalid_beneficiary_currency You cannot assign this Beneficiary to the Payment as it is the incorrect currency
amount_type_is_wrong amount should be of numeric type { "type" => "numeric" }
payment_above_limit 3000.00 EUR exceeds the maximum amount of 2500.00 EUR for a local payment. { "amount" => 3000.0, "ccy" => "EUR", "limit" => 2500.0 }
invalid_amount_for_order The payment amount is more than the value of the order
payment_type_not_in_range payment_type should be in range: priority, regular
invalid_conversion_id Conversion could not be found.
conversion_id_is_not_valid_uuid conversion_id should be in UUID format
invalid_payment_date The payment date is invalid
payment_date_is_in_invalid_format payment_date should be in ISO 8601 format
payment_date_is_too_early The payment date cannot be sooner than the conversion date
reference_is_too_long reference can not be longer than 255 character(s) { "maxlength" => 255 }
payment_can_not_be_edited Sorry this Payment has already been processed and you are unable to Edit it
extra_dependent_params Parameters payer_entity_type, payer_company_name, payer_first_name, payer_last_name, payer_address, payer_country, payer_postcode, payer_state_or_province, payer_date_of_birth, payer_identification_type, payer_identification_value can't be provided in the same request with 'payer_details_source' with value 'account'
payer_entity_type_not_in_range payer_entity_type should be in range: individual, company { "range" => "individual, company" }
payer_entity_type_is_missing Payer entity type is missing
payer_company_name_is_missing Payer company name is missing
payer_first_name_is_missing Payer first name is missing
payer_last_name_is_missing Payer last name is missing
payer_city_is_missing Payer city is missing
payer_state_or_province_is_missing Payer state or province is missing
payer_postcode_is_missing Payer postcode is missing
payer_date_of_birth_type_is_wrong payer_date_of_birth should be of date type { "type" => "date" }
payer_date_of_birth_is_incorrect payer_date_of_birth is incorrect
payer_date_of_birth_is_earlier payer_date_of_birth should be later
payer_date_of_birth_is_after payer_date_of_birth should be earlier
identification_type_is_missing identification_type is missing
identification_type_is_invalid identification_type is invalid
identification_value_is_missing identification_value is missing
identification_value_is_invalid identification_value is invalid
charge_type_not_available Not available charge_type has been provided { "charge_type" => "shared, ours" }
invalid_charge_type Invalid banking_charges supplied, must be in range [ours, shared]
on_behalf_of_self You cannot act on behalf of your own Contact
payment_not_found Payment was not found for this id
contact_not_found Contact was not found for this id
on_behalf_of_charge_type_not_available Not available charge_type has been provided for on_behalf_of { "charge_type" => "shared, ours" }
fee_amount_type_is_wrong fee_amount should be of numeric type { "type" => "numeric" }
fee_currency_is_in_invalid_format fee_currency is not a valid ISO 4217 currency code { "type" => "currency" }
401 invalid_supplied_credentials Authentication failed with the supplied credentials
429 too_many_requests Too many requests have been made to the api. Please refer to the Developer Center for more information
500 internal_server_error Internal server error
503 service_unavailable Service is temporary unavailable
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