The Currencycloud API authentication and authorization endpoint. Submit a login ID and API key for a Currencycloud account. On successful login, a temporary authentication token is returned. An authentication token is required to make requests to all other endpoints in the Currencycloud API. Tokens expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. Token requests are limited to 10 calls per minute. For security, Currencycloud accounts are disabled when four unsuccessful login attempts are made within a short period. Account holders must [contact support](https://developer.currencycloud.com/support) to reactivate their account.

The API responses shown below are static. If you want to try out the API please login, or register for an API key

API parameters

login_id formData string Login ID for a Currencycloud account. This is usually an email address.
api_key formData string The unique API key for the Currencycloud account.
curl -X POST  --header "X-Auth-Token: XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX"  https://devapi.currencycloud.com/v2/authenticate/api


  "auth_token": "9307e7f58099731aa731ed3a6818807b"
Error Codes
HTTP Status Code Description Params
400 login_id_is_required login_id is required
login_id_is_too_short login_id can not be shorter than 1 character(s) { "minlength" => 1 }
login_id_is_too_long login_id can not be longer than 255 character(s) { "maxlength" => 255 }
api_key_is_required api_key is required
api_key_length_is_invalid api_key should be 64 character(s) long { "length" => 64 }
429 too_many_requests Too many requests have been made to the api. Please refer to the Developer Center for more information
500 internal_server_error Internal server error
503 service_unavailable Service is temporary unavailable
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