Triggers a Production like flow for processing funds with topping up CM balance or rejecting the transaction without topping up CM balance. This resource is only available in the Currencycloud Demo environment. It is not implemented in the Production environment.

The API responses shown below are static. If you want to try out the API please login, or register for an API key

API parameters

X-Auth-Token header string Authentication token.
id formData string Unique value in UUID format user-generated with each request
receiver_account_number formData string Virtual account number of a client or it’s sub-account (as seen in Find Funding Accounts API)
amount formData string Amount of the emulated transaction
currency formData string Three-digit currency code
sender_name formData string Sender name Test sender
sender_address formData string Sender address
sender_country formData string Two-digit sender country
sender_reference formData string Sender reference
sender_account_number formData string Sender account number
sender_routing_code formData string Sender routing code
receiver_routing_code formData string Virtual account routing code of a client or it’s sub-account (as seen in Find Funding Accounts API)
action formData string Allows you to trigger certain behaviour approve approve
on_behalf_of formData string Contact UUID to act on behalf of the contact
curl -X POST  --header "X-Auth-Token: XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX"  https://devapi.currencycloud.com/v2/demo/funding/create


    "id": "8bd7ba19-eca0-425d-a3f0-968577ba2a81",
    "account_id": "72970a7c-7921-431c-b95f-3438724ba16f",
    "state": "approved",
    "sender_name": "Test sender",
    "sender_address": "Some Street",
    "sender_country": "GB",
    "sender_reference": "sender-ref",
    "sender_account_number": null,
    "sender_routing_code": null,
    "receiver_account_number": "0334273394",
    "receiver_routing_code": "026073150",
    "amount": "150.53",
    "currency": "USD",
    "action": "approve",
    "short_reference": "IF-20210917-17HB4L",
    "created_at": "2021-09-17T15:35:17+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2021-09-17T15:35:18+00:00"
Error Codes
HTTP Status Code Description Params
400 id_cant_be_blank ID can't be blank
id_has_invalid_format ID should be in UUID format
receiver_account_number_cant_be_blank Receiver account number can't be blank
receiver_account_number_not_found Receiver account number not found
sender_country_is_invalid Sender country is invalid
sender_country_has_invalid_format Sender country is not a valid ISO 3166 country code
amount_cant_be_blank Amount can't be blank
amount_must_be_greater_than_0 Amount must be greater than 0
amount_must_be_less_than_1000000000000 Amount must be less than 1 000 000 000 000
amount_is_invalid Amount should be numeric with 2 decimal points separated by '.'
action_is_invalid Action is invalid, should be in range: approve, reject
currency_cant_be_blank Currency can't be blank
currency_is_invalid Currency is invalid
currency_has_invalid_format Currency is not a valid ISO 4217 currency code
currency_not_supported_by_account Currency not supported by account
contact_not_found Contact was not found for this id
contact_failed_to_validate Contact failed to validate
401 invalid_supplied_credentials Authentication failed with the supplied credentials
403 permission_denied permission_denied
429 too_many_requests Too many requests have been made to the api. Please refer to the Developer Center for more information
500 internal_server_error Internal server error
503 service_unavailable Service is temporary unavailable
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