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Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team has captured frequently asked questions and put them all in one place for you to view. Have a look and see if we’ve answered your question.

Am I booking ‘live’ trades if I use your Developer Center API checker?

When you use Developer Center to test out API calls you are connecting to our Demo environment. This is a production-like environment and it is using the live pricing feed but it is connected to a trading simulator. We give potential customers access to show them the system and we encourage developers to test their API integration against this system before going live. We also call it production-like because it is always running the same version of our application as our live systems. The behavior on this system will be the same as production but the data may differ.

When I test my API integration with Demo, the data is not what I’d expect.

Since we keep the data between demo and production separate there may be differences in how your account is set up between the two systems. When you are ready to test with us, please contact the customer support team so that they can make sure your accounts are set up on Demo exactly the same way that they would be set up on the production system.

Please can you give me a list of the things I’ve done in your system this month?

It is really important to us that you have access to your data and the customer support team will be happy to assist you, but we would like to encourage all of our users to use the API to access their data. The fastest and easiest way to access your data is through the API.