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API Overview

Our API is divided into sections based on different concepts in our system. Each section is made up of a series of calls.

Authenticate - Authenticates access to the API with login/out functionality.

Accounts - Create and manage client accounts with the ability to use your own reference ID’s for easy reconciliation with your systems.

Balances - Access to your balance information. The account needs to be enabled for Currencycloud Account to use balances.

Beneficiaries - Create and maintain beneficiaries with validated account details.

Contacts - Manage multiple contacts for each account.

Conversions - Be able to make currency conversions.

Payers - Provide more information about the payer of a payment. By passing in the payer id associated with a payment you can see the legal information associated with that Payer.

Payments - Be able to make domestic and international payments.

Rates - Real time access to foreign exchange rates.

Reference - We expose some of our static data through these routes including the details required for beneficiaries and supported currency lists.

Settlements - Consolidates multiple conversions into a single reference for sending us funds.

Transactions - Access to your Currencycloud Account transaction information.

Transfers - Access to your transfers information.